How to Create a Google Account Easily

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Google account gives to accessing to all Google products and services like Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Apps and more. You can create a Google account quickly but you need to enter your personal to create new Google account. Follow step by step tutorials to make new Google account.

1. Write web address bar and press Enter button from keyboard.

Click Sign in button to create a new Google account.

google account

2. Click Add account button if you see below page. If you don’t see these pages then follow below instruction.

google account help

3. You will see new page. Click Create an account text to create a Google account.

create a google account

4.  Fill the required information on create your Google account page.

Click First box and write your own first name.

Click Last box and write your own last name.

Click behind of Choose your username box and type a unique username. After type username click outside the box then you will see few suggestion. Choose a username from suggestion.

Google Email Address

5. Click behind of Create a password box and type a password for Google account. (mintu123456)

Click behind of Confirm your password box and type the same password into this box. (mintu123456)

Select your birthday from Birthday category.

Select your Gender from Gender category.

Type your current email address if you have. If you don’t have any email then makes it blank. If you forget your email or password then you can recover it using recover email address.

Google Account Password

6. Click behind of Type the text box and write the same text as you will see.

Click behind of Location and select your country.

Tick the “I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” check box.

Click Next steps button to go next steps.

create new google account

7. You will see a page with “Create your public Google+ profile” message with two buttons. Click No thanks button to go next steps.

8. You will see new page “Welcome, with your name” and Continue to Gmail button. Click Continue to Gmail button to go your Google mail inbox page.

9. Click Next and Next button until you see Google homepage. After that you will see your name right sight of Google homepage then click Gmail button button to open Google email inbox page.

10. You see Google mail inbox page with all incoming email lists.

If you already have a Google account, so you will not need to create new Google account to get Google services. Simply sign in Google account using Google email address, password and press sign in button to sing in your Google account and use Google all service.

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