How to create a new hotmail account (with pictures)

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Hotmail is most popular website. But is upgrade at In this lesson you can easily know that how to create a new hotmail account.

1. Open your web browser, type into your address bar and press Enter button from your keyboard.

2. You see hotmail account sign in page. Click Sign up now text form this page. This text you see right-below blue color text of your hotmail page.

Hotmail Sing up

3. You see hotmail account sing up page with few blank boxes. Fill the blank boxes with your personal information.

Type your first name into First text box. Type your last name into Last text box.

Type Your Name Use for hotmail account

Type a unique user name into User Name blank box. If you see tick sign with green text then your hotmail username correct.

Type your hotmail mail address

Type a password into Create password blank box. You password must be up to 8 character. I choose my password mibis52641.

Type Hotmail Password

Type the same password again into Reenter password blank box.

Hotmail Account Password

Click the arrow icon and select your country from Country/region category.

Type your ZIP or postal code into ZIP code blank box.

Click arrow icon one after another and select your birth date from Birthdate category.

Click arrow icon and select your gender form Gender category.

Type Hotmail Account Information

4. Select your country code form Country code category.

Type your phone number into Phone number blank box.

Type your Alternate email address into Alternate email address blank box.

Type the code into box below.

Click Create account button to create new hotmail account.

Mobile Number for Hotmail Account

5. Wait hare few seconds after that Continue to inbox massage. Click this button to go to your hotmail account inbox.

You see your hotmail inbox with a massage.


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