How to Add a New Extra Email Address on Yahoo Mail Account

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Add a new extra email address on Yahoo mail account. If you already have a yahoo email account then you can add extra email address with previous email account. This extra email address helps to find out your email and password if you forgot it. Learn how to add alternate email on yahoo mail.

1. Sign in your yahoo email account and open your yahoo email inbox page.

2. Press settings icon then you see few menu, click Account Info menu from this list.



3. New tab will open with your yahoo account information page.

Click Update password –reset info text from Sign-In and Security category.



4.  You see sign in page again with your yahoo email id.

Click Password box and type your yahoo account password.

Click Sign In button to sign yahoo email account.

5. Scroll down then you will see your yahoo email address.

Click Add Another text to add another email address on yahoo.



6. You see new box behind of your yahoo email address.

Click Add email address box and type your alternate email address.

Click Save text to save this email address.

Click Save yellow button to save this change.



7. You need to verify your alternate email address.

Open your alternate email account and check email inbox. You well see a massage. Open the massage; click the link to verify your alternate email.

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