Make a DVD cover in Photoshop

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1. Open your Photoshop software and create a new document, size (Width = 10.5in, Height =7in, Resolution = 300, Color Mode = CMYK and Background Content = White). Press OK button.

open photoshop software

2. Apply (View > Rulers) command to show the ruler.

show rulers

3. Click the left rulers and make some guide.

make some guide

4. Create guide to (5in and 5.5in).

create some guide

5. Insert some picture.

import some pictures

6. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool and create a rectangle.

select rectangle tool

7. Select your favorite color, select Paint Bucket Tool and click the selection area to fill it with color.

fill it with your favourite color

8. Select Move Tool, press Alt button from your keyboard and move it in the picture below to copy it.

select move tool

9. Select Type Tool, type your DVD name and others.

select type tool

10. Type your DVD details.

type details

11. Create a rectangle, fill it and type your address.

type your address

12. Type your website address (

website address

13. At first copy ‘Your Favorite’ and past it. Select ‘Your Favorite’ layer and press (Ctrl + T) to transform it. Rotate and move. Then press Enter from your keyboard.

transform the picture

14. Select Flowers layer and apply the same command.

apply the mase command

15. Your company logo hare.

company logo

DVD Cover Final Image

DVD Cover Final

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