Facebook Sign In | Log In your Facebook account

 Facebook is a social media services. People visit this website to keep up with there friends. In this lesson you can easily know how to sign in your facebook account. Log in your facebook account and keep up with your friend.

1. Open your web browsing software (Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer) and write the address bar (www.facebook.com) and press Enter button from your keyboard.

2. You see Email or Phone, Password blank box and Log In button. It stay up-right corner of your Facebook page.

3. Write your email address into Email or Phone blank box. Type your Facebook password into Password blank box. If you want to get email and password at first create a Facebook account.

4. Click Log In button to log into your Facebook account.

Type your email and password

5. After log in into your Facebook account you see your Facebook Home/ Wall. You can share anything into your wall or your profile page. You can like or comment to your any friends share.

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