Facebook Sign Up | Create an account

 Facebook is a most popular communication way to online. If you want to chat with others then you need a Facebook account. In this lesson you can easily know how you sign up for Facebook account. Sign Up Facebook account or create a Facebook account and share with your friend as you want.   

1. Open your web browser software (Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer) and write the address bar (www.facebook.com) and press Enter button from your keyboard.

 2. At first type your first name into First Name blank box.

  • Type your last name into Last Name blank box.
  • Type your email address into Your Email blank box.
  • Type again you email address into Re-enter Email blank box.
  • Type a password into New Password blank box. Remember it when you log in your account it will need for you.
  • Select your birthday from Birthday category.
  • Choose your gender Female or Male.

3. Now click Sign Up green button.

Facebook Sign Up

4. You see a new page. Now click Skip this step button.

5. Again you see a massage, select skip button.


You can find friend frim hare


5. Type your High School name into High School blank box.

  • Type your college/university name into College/University name blank box.
  • Type your company name where you employed into Employer blank box.
  • Type your current city into Current City blank box.
  • Type your hometown into Hometown blank box.
  • Now, lick Save & Continue button to save this settings.


Type your information


6. You see Add People You Know under some picture with his name. You can send there friend request to click right site Add Friend button, if you know then or if you want to send there friend request.

7. After that click Save & Continue button.

8. Click Upload a Photo button for add a picture in your profile page. Click Browse button, select a picture and click Save & Continue button.

9. Open your mail account to complete your registration process. 

10. You see a massage, it send from Facebook and its subject “Welcome to Facebook – get started now!” title.

11. Click this massage subject.

12. You see this massage click Get Started green button, click this button to active your successfully and click Home button to see your timeline.

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