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Skype login using a skype name and password

Skype login using a Skype name. In this lesson you can easily know how to sign in skype account using your existing skype name and password.

1. After install Skype into you windows 7 computer you see a skype icon. Click mouse right button up to skype icon and click Open button.

Skype Login

2. You see skype login page. Click Skype Name button to sing in into skype account using skype name and password.

Skype Login Using a Name

3. You see few blank boxes. Type your skype sing in information into blank boxes.

Type your skype name into skype name box.

Type your skype password into password box.

Click Sing in button to sing in into skype account.

Skype Login Using Name and Password

4. If you see any massage then click close button button.

5. Wait hare few seconds for sign in. After sing in you see you’re your name.

6. After sign in into Skype, you see your Skype name with your skype friend list.

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