How to Login Your WordPress Site Dashboard


You can create a free block website on WordPress. You can add a new post on your blog site. If you want to edit your WordPress blog then you need to login your blog. Learn easy way to login to WordPress blog.

WordPress blog login

1. Access your internet browser, type web address bar wordpress.com and press Enter.

Click upper right corner Log In button to log in your Wordpress account.

 WordPress Sign in

2. Wordpress login page will open. Fill the box with information.

Click below of Email or Username box and type your wordpress account email or username.

Click below of Password box and type your wordpress account password.

Click the Log In button to login your wordpress account.

WordPress Login

Tips: Remember that you need to register into WordPress site before login it. Follow create a WordPress account lesson to make a new WordPress account.

3. After that you will see your WordPress account page. Click the My Site text from left to open your WordPress site dashboard.

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