Business Cards Create in Photoshop

1. Open your Photoshop software and create a new document. (File > New), Size (Width > 3.3in, Height > 2in, Resolution > 300, Color Mode > RGB) press OK command.

2. Open your layer palate and click Create a new layer button to make a new layer.

You can easily know, how to use layer palate.

3. Click Set foreground color bar and set a color.

4. Select Rectangle Marquee Tool and make a rectangle footer of your page.

5. Select Paint Bucket Tool and click inside the rectangle to fill it. Deselect it.

Make a rectangle and fill it with color.

6. Select Pen Tool, create a shape and rasterize it.

Make a shape.

7. Select Type Tool, type your name and designation.

Type your name and designation.

8. Import your company logo and type your company name.

Company logo and company name

9. Select Type Tool and type your company address, phone Number and Email address  Just like picture below.

Type your company address, phone No, website etc.