Change Yahoo Password

Change Yahoo password. In this lesson you can easily know how to change your Yahoo password using. At first sign in Yahoo account with your current password and follow few steps to change Yahoo password.

1. Sign in into Yahoo mail account. Sign in your Yahoo email account using your existing email address and password.

2. Open your Yahoo account settings page. You see Yahoo mail inbox page. Click settings icon and click Account Settings from the drop-down menu. This icon you see up-right corner of your yahoo mail inbox page.

How do I Change My Yahoo Password

3. Change Yahoo password. You see yahoo settings page.

  • Click Accounts button to change Yahoo password.
  • Click Change your password text.
How to Change Yahoo Password

4. Yahoo account sign in. A new page will open with your yahoo username. You need sign in again to change your yahoo account password.

  • Type your existing yahoo account password into Password box.
  • Click Sign In button to sign in into yahoo account.
I Want to Change My Password on Yahoo

5. Change Yahoo Password. You see Change your password page with new password and Confirm new password box.

  • Click new password box and type your new password for your yahoo account.
  • Click Confirm new password box and type the same password again.
  • Click Continue button to change Yahoo Password.
How to Change Your Yahoo Password

Important Note: When you type new password then remember or save it. When you want to login your yahoo account next time then this new password need for your.

6. Change Yahoo password successfully. You see Success! Massage with Continue button. Click Continue button to change successfully.

Yahoo Change Password Success

7. Yahoo account log in. Now you can log in your yahoo account using your recently changes password.

Using this way you can change yahoo password anytime as you want.