Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

 In this lesson your can change your Facebook profile picture easily. Your Facebook profile photo is not a large, it is small photo. Follow some few steps to change your Facebook profile picture.

1. Log In into your Facebook Account using your email and password.

2. Click your name (Mintu Biswas) button to go to your Facebook profile page. It stays 5th button from up-right side of your first log in page.

Go to your Facebook profile

3. You see your profile page.

4. Go to your profile page picture. You see Edit Profile Picture button, click hare to edit your profile picture.

Click Edit Profile Picture button

5. Now you see more some options. Click Upload Photo button to upload your photo from you’re my computer any folder.

Upload a Photo from your computer

6. You see you’re my computer some folder. Select your picture from my computer any folder and click Open. Wait few moments you see your profile picture will change.

Finally watch your facebook profile picture