Company Pad in Photoshop

 1. Open your Photoshop software and create a new document. (File > New), Size (Width > 8in, Width > 11in, Resolution > 300, Color Mode > RGB) press OK command.

2. Select type tool, type your company name, phone number and website name. Your website logo and make a line.

create a new document

3. Select gradient tool and fill with gradient color.

fill with gradient color

4. Select your logo and create (Edit > Copy), (Edit > Past) command, move it. Create (Edit > Free Transform) command. Create large and rotate it. Go to layer pallet, make (Opacity > 15%).

select your logo and move it

5. Select Pen tool and create a shape. 

Select Pen tool and create a shape

6. Type your company address. Just like picture below.

make a company pad in Photoshop