Create a Menu Bar in Photoshop

Most website developers design a website to follow the Photoshop design. Website menu most of the important part of a website. At first, you can design it in Photoshop. After that, design your website menu to follow this design. It helps to improve your menu design quality.

1. Open your Photoshop software and create a new page (Width – 7in, Height – 3in, Resolution – 72, Color Mood – RGB) press ok button. 

2. Select foreground color and select paint bucket tool, click your Photoshop canvas.

3. Select rectangle tool and create a rectangle.

create a rectangle

4. Click mouse right button in your rectangle layer and click Rasterize Layer.

open layer palate and restarize the layer

5. Click Add Layer Style button down of your layer bar and click drop shadow.

drop shadow ( Blend Mood – Multiply, Color – Black, Opacity – 50, Angle – 120, Distance – 1, Size – 6).

6. Click Gradient Overlay button (Blend Mood – Screen, Opacity – 80, Style – Liner, Angle – 90, Scale – 100) and click ok button.

7. Click your foreground color and select black color. Select your brush tool (Size – 1, Hardness -100). Create a new layer and create a line.

create some line

8. Again click your foreground color and select white color. Select your brush tool (Size – 1, Hardness -100). Again create a line, the same layer.

resize the line

9. Select (Blend Mood – Overly) from your layer pallet.

10. Select Move tool, create copy and past command. Move the line.

copy the line and move it

11. Select type tool and type your website button name.

select type tool and type your button name