Easy Way to Bookmark Your Favorite Page on Google Bookmarks

Easy way to bookmark a favorite page on Google bookmarks. Google have free bookmarking service. You can save your favorite webpages using Google bookmarks. Google bookmarks helps to find out and visit your favorite website. Learn how to bookmarks a webpage on Google bookmarks manager.

1. Write into your web address bar www.google.com/bookmarks and press Enter button your from keyboard.

  • Click Google Bookmark button to bookmark a new page on Google Bookmarks lists.
Google Bookmarks

2. Google bookmarks page will open.

  • Click in front of Name box and write your bookmark website name.
  • Click in front of Location box and write your bookmark website URL.
  • Click in front of Labels box and write bookmark label.
  • Click in front of Notes box and write note about bookmark.
  • Click Add bookmark button to add this bookmark on Google.
Google Bookmark

3. After that you will see your recent bookmark on Google Bookmarks lists. Using this same way you can add more favorite website on Google Bookmarks lists.