Easy Way to Edit Google Bookmarks

Easy way to edit Google bookmarks. You can add a page on Google bookmarks lists. Sometimes you need to edit a bookmarks page on Google bookmarks. Follow step by step guide to edit your previous Google bookmarks.

Edit Google Bookmarks

1. Open Google bookmarks website. Open Google bookmarking website and login bookmark website using Google account. If you already login Google website then you don’t need to login again.

2. Edit Google bookmarks. Your previous Google bookmarks lists will open.

  • Click Edit text in front of bookmark which bookmark is you want to edit.
How to edit Google Bookmarks

3. Edit Google bookmarks information. Google bookmarks edit page will open.

  • Click in front of Name box, delete your previous name and type new name for Google bookmarks.
  • Click in front of Labels box and edit your bookmarks labels.
  • Click in front of Notes box and type your bookmarks note.
  • Click Save button to save this page on Google bookmarks lists.
Edit Google bookmarks

4. Google bookmarks edit page. After that you will see your recent edit page on your Google bookmarks lists. Using this same way you can edit any page on Google bookmarks lists.