The End Key Microsoft Excel

end key

You can make use of the end key in conjunction with the arrow keys. It causes the cursor move to the end of the spreadsheet in direction to the arrow.

  1. At first, click A1 cell.
  2. Press the end key from your keyboard.
  3. You see the “END” on the status bar in the right lower corner of the screen.
  4. Press the right arrow key.
  5. The cursor moves right end cell of the screen.
  6. Again, press END key.
  7. Press the down arrow key.
  8. The cursor moves button cell of the screen.
  9. Again, press END key.
  10. Press the left arrow key.
  11. The cursor moves left cell of the screen.
  12. Again, press END key.
  13. Press the up arrow key.
  14. The cursor moves top cell of the screen.