How to Add Gmail Password Recovery Email Address

Add Gmail password recovery email address. Gmail have a password recovery options. Gmail password recovery options helps to find out when you forget your Gmail account email address or password. Learn how to add Gmail forgot password and recovery email after creating Gmail account.

1. Open web browser and open website.

2. Enter your google email address into username box, enter your password into password box and press sing in button to sing in Google account.

3. Press right sight settings icon then you will see few menu. Click Settings menu from this lists.

gmail recovery email address

4. You will see Gmail settings page. Click Accounts and Import tab from lists.

  • Click Change password recovery options text to add Gmail recovery email address.
gmail forgot password and recovery email

5. You need to sign in again to change Gmail password recovery options.

Click Password box type your password and click Sign in button to sign in Gmail account.

6. First your can add your own phone number.

  • Click Add alternate email address button and type your own another email address. This alternate email address helps to find your Gmail account if you forget your Gmail email address or password.
  • Click Save button to save this alternate email address.
gmail password recovery email address

7. Using this way you can add your password recovery email address on Gmail account.