Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks is a free online bookmarking service for Google account holders. Google bookmarks are completely different from web browser based bookmark. You can add any website on Google bookmarks lists. Learn easy way to add a website on Google bookmarks lists.

1. Open Google bookmark website. Open your any web browser, type web address bar and click arrow icon from web browser or press Enter button from keyboard.

google bookmarks

2. Google sing in. You will see Google sign in dialog box. Sign in your Google account using Google email address and password to bookmark a page on Google.

3. Add bookmark on Google. Google bookmarks page will open with your name.

  • Click Add bookmarks text to add a bookmark on Google.
  • Click in front of Name blank box and bookmark name.
  • Click in front of Location (URL) and type bookmark website URL.
  • Click in front of Labels blank box and type few tab about bookmark.
  • You can type notes about bookmark.
  • Click Add bookmark button to add a bookmark on Google.
google bookmark

4. Google Bookmarks. After that you will see your recent bookmark website name on Google bookmark lists. Follow step by step guide to add more Google bookmarks on your Google bookmark lists.