How Can I Get Cash Fast | Neobux Registration

There are many way to earn money from internet. You can get money from this site just a click. Registration the neobux site and earn money. This is a free and real PTC site.

  1. At first Click Hare to sing up NeoBux account
  2. After that click Register button. Its stay into up-third button.
Click Register Button

3. Fill up the all blank box.

  1. Type a username into Username box. When you login your account this username will need for you. This is very important, so save it.
  2. Type a password into Password box as you want. When you login your account this password will need for you. This is very important, so save it.
  3. Type again password into Password Confirmation box.
  4. Type your email address into Email box.
  5. Type your Payza/Paypal Email address into Payza/PayPal Email box.
  6. Type your birth year into Birth Year box.
  7. Type verification code into Verification Code box as you see into front box.

Tick the box I declare to have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Service.

Fill-UP the Redistration Form

     4.Now click continue button.

    5. Open your email address. You see a massage into Inbox or Spam folder. If you don’t see this massage      reloads your gmail account page.

    6. Massage like “NeoBux” “Email verification”.

    7. Click Email verification text to view this massage.

    8. You see a code into this massage, copy this code.

    9. Click NeoBux site and past this code into Validation code for your mail address.

   10. Type the Verification Code into blank box and click finish registration button.

Email Verification

    11. If you everything done correctly. You see a Congratulations massage.