How to Add a Signature in Yahoo Mail

In this lesson you can easily know how to add a signature in yahoo mail. Create yahoo email signature using email signature rescue. Follow few steps and create an email signature in Yahoo! Mail using yahoo new interface.

1. Login into your yahoo mail account using your existing email address and password. After login yahoo mail account you see yahoo mail inbox with your incoming mail.

2. Move up your mouse pointer on settings icon and click Settings button to open yahoo account settings page.

Yahoo Account Settings Page

3. You see yahoo mail setting page. Click Writing email button to show signature page.

  • Click Signature front box and choose “Show a rich text signature text” to show your signature with your mail.
  • Type your signature as you want into below box. I type “Your Best Regards”. You don’t type this, you type your own or your company signatures as you want.
  • Click Save button to save these settings.
Add a signature in yahoo mail

When you send email then your recently added signature will send with your yahoo email.