How to Add Animated Email Signatures in Yahoo Mail

Animated email signatures in yahoo mail. Sometimes you need to add a signature on yahoo mail. If you add signatures with emails then your created email signature will send with your every email message. You can setup an animated email signature in yahoo mail. Learn how to create animated email signature in yahoo mail.

1. Open website.

  • Scroll down and choose your favorite category from list just a click.
Opne an Animated Website

2. You will new page with few images.

  • Click Animated Gifs button to open animated file.
  • Click mouse button up to your favorite image.
  • You see few buttons. Click Open Link in New Tab button to open this animated file on new window.
Open Animation Signature new window

3. A new page will open with animated file.

  • Click mouse right button up to animated image.
  • You see few buttons then click Copy Image button to copy this file.
Copy Animation for Signature

4. Sign in your yahoo mail and open email inbox page.

  • Click settings icon and click Settings button to open yahoo settings page.
Yahoo Settings

5. Click Writing email tab from settings page.

  • Click in front of Signature and select Show a rich text signature.
add a signature on yahoo mail

6. Go yahoo settings page again.

  • Click behind of Signature box. Click mouse right button and click Paste button to add this make animated signature.


  • Press and hold down Ctrl button and press v button (Ctrl + v) from keyboard to past this image into this box.
  • Click Save button to save these settings.
create email signature yahoo mail

7. After that when you will send email from this yahoo mail account then your recently added animated image will send with your email signature.