How to Add Safe Sender Email Lists in Yahoo Mail

Add safe sender email lists in yahoo mail. Yahoo free email service. If you have yahoo email account already then you receive email from others. But your yahoo mail inbox fill up with unwanted email. You can set up safe senders in yahoo mail. Learn how to add approved senders to yahoo mail.

 1. Fill your yahoo email and password as required to sign in your yahoo email account.

2. Open yahoo mail inbox with your incoming email.

  • Click Settings icon then you see few options, click Settings text from options.

3. Yahoo settings page will open.

  • Click Filters tab from left sight of yahoo settings page.
  • Click Add button to add an email on this lists.

4. Enter receivers email address in front of Filter Name blank box.

  • Enter the save email address in front of From blank box.
  • Pull down menu select Inbox to receive email massage into inbox from this email address.
  • Click Save button to save these settings.

5. After that you will see your recently added email address into blank space.

Click Save button to save these settings.