How to Block Email Sender in Yahoo Mail

Learn about how to block email sender in yahoo mail. In this process all incoming email from block sender email address will be automatically deleted from your mail inbox. Follow few steps and block email sender on yahoo. 

1. Sign in your yahoo mail account using your existing email address and password.

2. You see your yahoo account mail inbox. Click settings icon and click Settings text. This button you see up-right corner of your yahoo mail inbox.

how to block email sender

3. You see yahoo account settings page. Click Blocked Addresses text to block an email sender on yahoo.

  • Type email address as you want to block into Add an address box.
  • Click Block button to block this email sender on yahoo.
  • Click Save button to save these settings.
how to block an email sender

4. In this way you can block any email address. You can block all most 500 email address. After block email address you see your block all email address list into below box.

After that you don’t see incoming email from blocked sender email address.