How to Cancel Pending Facebook Friend Request on Facebook

Cancel pending Facebook friend request. You send a friend request on Facebook to friendship with others. If friend request receivers recognize your then he/she will accept your Facebook friend request. But sometimes stay many pending Facebook friend request. Learn how to cancel your pending Facebook friend request. 

1. Sign In your Facebook account using your Facebook email address and password.

2. You will see Facebook home page with your name and picture. Click human icon then you will see more options. Click Find Friends text from hare.

Facebook Pending Friend Request

3. You will see your all friend’s requests from others. Click View Sent Requests to view your all pending friends request.

View Sent Requests

4. Now you will see your all pending fiend request what you send from your Facebook account.

  • Drug your mouse pointer over the Friend Request Sent button then you see more options. Click Cancel Request button to cancel this pending Facebook friend request.
Pending Friend Request Cancel

5. You will see Confirmation Required dialog box with a massage. Click Cancel Request button to cancel this friend request on Facebook.

Cancel Pending Rriend Request

All have you done. You see Add Friend button. So your friend request successfully canceled.