How to Change and Upload Twitter Profile Picture

Upload Twitter profile picture. Twitter is social media website where users provide there present information. Sometimes you need to change your previous information. Learn how to change your profile picture on Twitter.

1. Open Twitter website. Open your web browsing software and type into your address bar twitter .com and press Enter button from your keyboard.

Open Twitter Website

2.  Type your Twitter login information. After open twitter website you see twitter login page.

  • Click Username or email box and type your twitter username or email address.
  • Click Password box and type your password.
  • Click Sing in button to sign in twitter account.
Twitter Login

3. After login Twitter you see your Twitter account page. Click Settings and Help icon. You see more information. Click Edit profile text to change your Twitter profile picture.

Change Twitter Profile

4. You see your twitter profile information. Click Change photo button to change and upload Twitter profile picturefrom your computer.

You see two options click Upload photo button to upload photo from your computer.


Click Remove button to remove this photo from Twitter account.

Upload Twitter Profile Picture

5. After click Upload photo button you see your computer hard disk. Choose a photo from your computer as you want to add your Twitter profile picture and click Open button to upload Twitter profile picture.

Remember that your Twitter profile photo size will (Width=73px and Height=73px).

Change Twitter Profile Picture

6. You see new window with your new photo click Apply button to add this photo on your twitter profile picture.

Change Twitter Profile Picture

7. You see your recent added photo. Scroll down after that you see Save changes button then click Save changes button to completely change your twitter profile picture.

Change Twitter Profile Photo

Now you see your Twitter profile picture completely changed. Using this way you can change and upload Twitter profile picture.