How to Change Custom Template Button Name on Blogger

Change custom template button name on Blogger. You can add new custom button on Blogger. After install custom template you need to change Blogger template button name. Learn how to change template button name on Blogger.

1. Login into blogger and open your specific blog dashboard just a click up to your blog name.

2. Click Template text to see your all template. Click Edit HTML text to edit your blogger template.

change button name

3. You will see new page with your blogger HTML code.

  • Click of the first line of your blogger code page.
  • Press and hold down Ctrl button and press f button from keyboard.

4. You will see a search box into your blogger code page.

  • Click in front of Search blank box and type your template first button name as you see your blog.
Button Code Search on Blogger

5. You will see Business into span text. Click up to Business, delete it and type this button name.

  • Click Save template orange button to save this button on your blog.
Edit Blogger Button Name

6. After that you view you blog then you will see your blogger button with new text. Using this way you can find out others button and edit it.