How to Change Facebook Language Settings Back to English (US)

Facebook has a language changing option. You can use Facebook using your own country language. But maximum people fell comfortable using (US) English. Learn how to change Facebook language settings back to English (US).

1. Login your Facebook account using your existing email address and password.

2. You see your Facebook account page with your Facebook name and image. Click arrow icon, you see more category then click second button from 5th category. This arrow icon you find up right corner of your Facebook homepage.

Facebook Language Change English

3. You will see Facebook language settings page you’re your selected language. Click in front of your language Edit button. These button your 6th button from language settings category.


4. You will see new box with your current language. Click up to your language. You see more language scroll up or down then you see your required language. Click English (US) to choose this language.


5. Click like picture below button to save Facebook language change back English settings.


6. Your Facebook language change back English will successfully complete. Then you will see your all settings in English language. Click Home button to view your Facebook account timeline.