How to Change Facebook Password

If you think that someone accessing your Facebook account then you want to change your Facebook password to protect your Facebook account. Don’t worry you can change your Facebook password. Just follow few steps to know how to change Facebook password.

Steps to change password on Facebook

1. Login your Facebook account using Facebook email address or phone number and password. Click Login In button to login Facebook account.

2. Click upper right corner arrow icon from Facebook page. You will see few drop-down menus then select Settings button from this lists.

change facebook password

 3. You will see Facebook settings page with General category. Click Edit text in front of Password options.

facebook login change password

 4. Facebook password changes potions will be open.

  • Click in front of Current blank box and type your current password.
  • Click in front of New blank box and type new password for Facebook account.
  • Click in front of Re-type new blank box and retype your new password again into this box.
  • Click Save Changes button to save this new password from your Facebook account.

 5. Follow step by step guide to know how to change Facebook password.  After that you can login your Facebook account using new password.