How to Change Gmail Language Settings Back to English

Gmail English language. Gmail mail default language English. If you have changed Gmail default language and uncomfortable in new language. Don’t worry you can back to Gmail English language easily. Learn how to change back Gmail English language.

1. Login Gmail mail account and open your Gmail mail inbox page.

2. Click gray color settings icon. This icon you will right sight of your Gmail mail inbox page. You will see few sub menus then click 5th number sub-menu from these lists.

gmail english

3. Gmail settings page will open.

  • Click Gmail language changes box to change language on English.
  • You see various country language lists. Scroll down to find out English language. Click up to English (US) language from these lists to set your Gmail language in English. in english language

4. Scroll down the settings page then you will see two buttons. Click left sight save button to save Gmail interface language in English.

change gmail language settings

5. After that you will see your Gmail on English language. Using the same way you can change Gmail mail account on your comfortable language.