How to Change Google Search Homepage Language Settings

Change Google search homepage language. Google is a search related website. You can search information on Google using your own language. Learn how to change your language settings in Google.

1. Open your browser and type your address bar and click browser arrow button or press Enter button from your keyboard.

google search homepage

2. Wait hare few seconds after that you will see Google homepage with a search box and Google Search button.

3. Click Settings button then you will see more buttons inside of Settings button. Click Search settings button from hare to change your Google search homepage settings. Settings button you fond below right corner of your Google homepage.

change language settings in google

4. A new page will open with Search Settings title. Click Languages button to change Google search homepage language.

  • You see few languages. Click Show More text to see more language.
google search language

5. Scroll down to find your language.

  • Click up to your country language to select it.
  • Click Save button to save this language for your Google homepage.
Change Google Homepage Language

6. You will see a massage “Your preferences have been saved” with OK button. Click OK button to save it.

Now you will your Google homepage with your selected language. Using this way you can select your own language for Google search homepage.