How to Change Profile Picture in Gmail

Gmail profile picture change. You can add your own profile picture on Gmail mail account. But sometimes you need to update your Gmail profile picture. So you need to change Gmail photo. Learn how to change Gmail profile picture.

1. Sign in your Gmail account and open Gmail mail inbox page.

2. If you already have added profile picture for Gmail account then you will see your Gmail profile photo up-right corner of your Gmail inbox page.

  • Click up to your Gmail profile picture.
  • Click Change photo text up to your image to change your Gmail profile photo.
change gmail picture

3. Click Select a photo from your computer button to add a new photo for Gmail mail account.

  • Select your another photo for Gmail account and click Open button to upload this photo.
gmail profile picture change

4. You will see your recent added photo.

  • Click Set as profile photo button to add this photo for your Gmail profile.

5. After that you will see your recent uploaded picture on your Gmail account profile.

Using this way you can Gmail profile picture change.