How to Change the Default Font in Gmail Mail Message

Change font in Gmail. Gmail have a default font to send email message. You can change deferent font on Gmail. Learn how to change font in Gmail.

1. Login Gmail account and open Gmail message inbox page.

2. Click settings then you will see more sub-menu. Click Setting menu from these lists.

gmail font change

3. Gmail account settings page ill open. You can your Gmail account settings from hare.

  • Click in front of Default text style font then you will see few font lists. Choose a font style from these lists for Gmail message.
how to change font in gmail

4. Scroll down below of the Gmail settings page then you will two button. Click Save Changes button to save this font for your Gmail mail message.

5. Now sent a mail message from Gmail account and see the change. When you will type your email message then you will see your writing text will your selected font. Using the same way you can choose any font style from this list for Gmail mail message.