How to Change the Default Font Size in Gmail

Increase font size in Gmail. You can change mail font size on Gmail. If you increase Gmail font size then email receiver read your email easily. In this lesson you can easily know how to change Gmail font size.

1. Login Gmail account and go to your email inbox.

2. Click Settings icon right sight of your email inbox.

  • Click Settings button from lists.
how to increase font size in gmail

3. Scroll down to find out Default text style.

  • Click in front of Default text style T icon.
  • Few text size lists will open. Click up to any size from these lists to change font size on email.
  • Scroll down this page and click Save Changes button to save your selected font size on your email message.
how to change gmail font size

4. Click COMPOSE red button to write a new email then you will see your writing text will your saved font size.