How to Change Your WordPress Username (with Pictures)

You can easily find your WordPress username and you can change it. At first you need to sign in your WordPress dashboard to change WordPress username. Learn easy way to WordPress change username.

WordPress Change Username

1. Sign in your WordPress dashboard.

2. Go to Users and select Personal Settings from sub-menu to change your personal settings.

  • Scroll down the page then you will see your WordPress account username. Click in front of your WordPress username Change link to change WordPress username.
Change WordPress Username

3. Type your new username for WordPress account.

  • Click in front of New Username and type your new username.
  • Click in front of confirm username and type the same username.
  • Click the Continue button to change username WordPress.
WordPress Change Username

4. Select a potion from Change Username page and click Review my changes button.

5. After that your WordPress username will change.