How to change your yahoo profile picture on yahoo mail account

Yahoo profile picture. You can add your yahoo profile picture. Sometimes you want to change your previous yahoo profile picture to add present picture on yahoo mail. Learn how to change your yahoo profile picture. Follow few steps and change photo to yahoo account.

1. Open yahoo website and sign in your yahoo email account.

2. Open your yahoo email inbox.

3. Click up right sight settings icon from yahoo inbox page.

You see few options then click Account Info button to lists.

Yahoo profile picture

4. Your yahoo account information page will open.

Click Edit profile details text from Profile Information section.

Edit yahoo profile photo

5. You will see your previous added yahoo profile picture if you already have.

Move over your mouse pointer up to your yahoo profile image.

You will change picture text then click this text to change this image from your yahoo profile.

Change Yahoo Profile Picture

6. Click upload button from lists to upload a new picture from your computer.

Select a picture from computer and click Open button to upload this picture for yahoo profile.

Change your yahoo profile picture

7. You will see your selected profile picture.

Click SAVE button to save this picture for yahoo profile.

Yahoo profile picture change

8. Wait hare few seconds after that you will see your recent added picture on your yahoo profile.

Using this way your can change your yahoo account profile picture anytime.