How to Confirm Your Email Successfully Sent with Attachments

Check your send email. You can send email with attachment using Gmail account. But you need confirm your send email successfully send from your Gmail mail account. Learn how to confirm your email successfully sent with attachments.

1. Login your email account using email address and password.

2. Open your email mail inbox to check your send email. You will see your Inbox button with your incoming email.

  • Click Send Mail button to check your previous send email with attachment. This button you will see left 4th button from Inbox button.
Confirm Your Email Successfully Sent

3. Then you will see your all previous send email list. You also see attachment icon with email which email you send with attachment file. Click up to email subject to check an email with attachment.

Check Sent Email With Attachment

4. Using this way you can check your any previous email. You can download attachment file from your send email just a click.