How to Create a New Group on Yahoo

Start a new group on Yahoo. You must be register Yahoo email account to start create a new yahoo group. Follow few steps and create a new group on Yahoo.

1. Open yahoo website.

2. Login your yahoo mail account using your existing email address and password.

3. Click Groups button to open a new yahoo group.

Yahoo Group

4. You see Yahoo group page. Click Start a New Group button to create a new yahoo group.

Start a New Group

5. You see new page with few boxes.

  • Click in front of Name box and type your Yahoo group name.
  • Click in front of Description box and type your Yahoo group description.
  • Click in front of Web Address box and type a unique Yahoo group URL.
  • Click All Categories, scroll up-down and choose your Yahoo group categories from list.

6. Click Next button to make new Yahoo group.

Create New Group

7. You see new page. You can change from hare.

  • Click “Type the code show” box and type the captcha code.
  • Tick the “I accept the Terms of Service” box.
  • Click Accept and Create button.
create yahoo group

8. After that you see your new created yahoo group page with your yahoo group name.