How to Create a YouTube Channel on YouTube New Interface

Without YouTube channel, you can’t upload video on YouTube. If you want to upload video on YouTube, leave YouTube comments or make YouTube play lists then you need a YouTube channel. In this lesson you can easily know how to create a YouTube channel on YouTube new interface.

1. Sign in your YouTube account using your Google email address and password.

2. You see YouTube homepage with your name. Click settings icon and click YouTube settings text from this list. This icon you see up-right corner beside your name.

YouTube Settings

3. You see your YouTube account settings page. Click See all my channels or create a new channel to create a new YouTube channel.

create a new youtube channel

5. You see create a new channel page.

  • Type your channel name into Name your channel blank box. I typed Sports. You don’t type it, you type your own company or product related channel name.
  • Click Product or Brand and choose a category related your channel.
  • Tick I agree to the Pages Terms check box just a click.
  • Click Done button to create a new YouTube channel.
Create a new youtube channel

6. You see your recently created YouTube channel name. Tick this box and click OK button to continue.

Your Youtube Channel

7. You see Next button 2 times, click all buttons to complete this process. You see Done button then click this button.

You see your recently created YouTube channel with your channel name. Now your can share anything with others using this channel. In this way you can create a YouTube channel.