How to Create and Publish a New Blog Post on Blogger

Create and publish a new blog post on blogger. At first you need to create a new blog for your. After that you need to post on your own blog. Create new post and publish on your blog to view with others. Your post will show if you add new post and publish on your blog. Learn how to crate new post and publish in on your own blog on blogger.

1. Type your web address bar and click arrow icon or press Enter button from keyboard.

2. You will see blogger sign in page. Sign in blogger account using you Google email address and password.

3. Blogger account page will open with your blog name.

  • Click orange button with pencil icon to create a new post on your blog.
how to post a blog

4. You will see blog post writing page.

  • Click Post title box and type your post title.
  • Click below of Post title blank space and write your information as you want to post on your blog.
  • Click Publish orange button to publish this post on new blog.
how to post a blog on blogger

5. You see Share on Google+ page. Click Share button are you want to share this post on your Google+ page or click Cancel button, if you don’t share this post on Google + page.

6. You will see your first post with post title and your name.

  • Click View blog button to view your first post on your blog. This button you see up left corner third button from Blogger.

After that a new tab will open with your blog name and you see your first post with post title.