How to Create Folders to Organize Your Incoming Email on Yahoo

You can create folders to receive incoming email on yahoo mail. Yahoo! mail automatically receives incoming emails from your selected persons in specific folder. Learn how to create folders to organize your incoming email on yahoo. 

1. Open yahoo website and sign in into your yahoo mail account. You see your Yahoo mail inbox with your incoming mail. Click settings icon and click Settings text.

2. You see Yahoo settings page. Click Filters button to add someone incoming massage into a specific folders.

  • Click Add button then you new page. Click in front of Filter Name box and type users email address.
  • Click in front of Sender and type the same email address again.
  • Click Inbox they your few list select Spam from this list.
  • Click Save button to get this users email into your spam folder.

3. After that if this user sends you email using this email then you receive his/her email into your spam folder.