How to Create Yahoo Mail folders to Organize Your Yahoo Mail Messages

Yahoo mail folders you can make it easily to organize your yahoo incoming mail. Learn how to create yahoo mail folders to organize yahoo mail message.

1. Login your Yahoo email using your email address and password. You see your Yahoo mail inbox page.

2. Tick the any email as you wants to receive into your selected folder from this email.

  • Click Move button then you see few options, click Filter Emails Like This text from this list.

3. You will see new page with your massage title. Click “Then move the message to” below box and choose [New Folder] from this list.

4. Click in front of [New Folder] and type your folder name.

5. If you “Your filter has been added successfully” massage then click Ok button.

6. Click Folders button then you see your recently added folder. If send you an email from this email address then this email you found into this folder.

  • Click Save button to save all email from this address into your recently added folder.

Using this way you can make more folder for your office stuff, friends and family. Tick the email senders and select specific folder from list. If you send email from your selected email then you receive this email your specific folder.