How to Find Google Image Search URL Parameters on Google

Sometimes you need to know the URL of an image or page from Google search results to share it with else. You can also find related images using your existing image or image URL. Learn how to find Google image search URL on Google and how to find an image related of your search.

1. Open your web browser, type into your address bar and press Enter button from your keyboard.

find the url of a page or image on google

2. Google image page will open with a search box. You see camera icon into your Google search box right sight.

Click camera icon to upload an image on Google from your computer.

google search url

3. You new dialog box with two options.

  • Click Upload an image button to upload an image from your computer.
  • Click Browse button to browse an image from your computer.
  • You your computer hard drive folder. Choose and image from your computer and click Open button to open it.
Google image search url

4. Wait hare few seconds. After that you see your image into search box and you see more similar images of your search.


If you download this image from any website then you see this image website from where you download it.