How to Install Adobe Photoshop 7 on Windows 7

Photoshop is the most popular software for every graphic designer. You can easily edit a picture using this software. In this lesson you can know how to install adobe Photoshop 7 on windows 7.

1. Open your Photoshop 7 software file from your computer HDD drive or Photoshop 7 software CD.

2. You see some icon with text. Like CDKEY and Setup icon.

3. Double click into Setup icon or right click from your mouse and click Open button to run Photoshop 7 setup file.

Open Photoshop 7 Setup File

4. You see a massage click Yes button to go to the next steps.

5. You see Photoshop 7 setup window with a dialog box.

6. Click Next button to go to the next steps.

7. If you see a massage click OK button.

8. Select your language and press Next button. I select US English language.

9. You see Software License Agreement dialog box then click Accept button.

10. Type your information into User Information dialog box.

  • Select a category A Business or An Individual. I select An Individual.
  • Type your title into Title/Salutation blank box.
  • Type your first name into First Name blank box.
  • Type your last name into Last (Family) Name blank box.
  • Type your company name into Company blank box.
  • Your serial numbers automatically write. If you don’t generate automatically then open your CDKEY icon and type into Serial Number blank box.
  • Now click Next button.

11. Open a new dialog box with your user information then click Yes button.

12. Select a category Typical or Custom. If you select Typical then this software automatically setup and if you select Custom you can choose your own chose.

Click Next button.

13. You see another massage with your Photoshop picture format then click Next button.

14. You see your Current Settings dialog box. Click Next button again.

15. You see your setup percentage like picture. Wait hare few minutes. If setup 100% complete then you see a dialog box with Finish button. Click Finish button to finish your setup.
16. If you see any massage click OK button.

17. After that click your Start button, open your Photoshop software and use it.