How to Install Google Talk on Windows 7

Google Talk is very useful software for all internet users. You can chat and video chat with other internet users and your friends using google talk. In this lesson you can know how to install google talk on windows 7.

1. Download Google Talk software.

2. Double click your google talk downloaded software as recently download or click mouse right button and click Open button to setup this software.

Install Google Talk

3.  If you see User Account Control massage then click Yes button to setup google talk into your windows 7.

4. If you see Google Talk Setup massage click Yes button.

5. You see Google Talk Setup Terms of Service massage then read there terms and click I Agree button.

6. You see new dialog box with Finish button the click Finish button to finish Google Talk into your windows 7.

7. After that your see your recently install Google Talk software.

8. If you don’t see google talk dialog box then click right sight arrow icon into your taskbar and click Google Talk icon to open google talk dialog box.

Google Talk Icon