How to Install Skype on Windows 7 (With Pictures)

Skype is the most popular audio and video calling software. In this lesson you can easily know how to install Skype on windows 7. Follow few steps, install skype and use it.

1. At first download skype install software for your windows 7.

2. After download skype, click mouse right button on skype setup file and click Open button to run skype setup file.  

Install Skype

3. If you see User Account Control massage then click Yes button.

4. You see Installing Skype window. Select you language from language category and click I agree – next button.

Installing Skype on Windows 7

5. You see Skype Click to Call massage then Click Continue button. This button you see right-down corner.

6. You see new massage. Click Continue button again.  

7. You see skype installation progress. After install skype, you see skype sing in box.