How to Invite Someone to Join Chat on Gmail

Invite someone to chat on Gmail. Gmail has a voice and video call service. You can chat, voice call and video call with others using Gmail. At first you need to invite someone which people as you want to chat. If your invited people accept your request then you can chat, voice and video call with invited people. Learn how to invite someone to join chat on Gmail.

1. Sign in your Gmal mail account.

2. You will see green icon on your Gmail mail inbox. Click green icon to add someone.

  • After that you see few options then click Add contact button to add someone on Google contact lists.

3. You will see new page. Click white box and type email address which people as you want to invite.

  • Click Send Invites button to invite this people.

4. Your invites successfully send. If this people accept your invite then you can chat with this people.

You also see Invited text in front of email username or name.