How to Make a Free Website Using WordPress (with Pictures)

WordPress have free website building service. You make your own website using WordPress. Follow step by step guide to get a free domain and build a website with WordPress.

1. Open internet browser, type web address bar and press Enter button.

Open WordPress Website

2. You will see few WordPress theme. Click up to a theme from these lists.

3. Click the search box and type your website name. You can make it free.

  • Click in front of Free Select button.
Domain name for WordPress website

4. Click up to Select Free Plan button.

5. Fill the all boxes with information.

  • Click below of “Your email address” box and type your email address.
  • Click below of “Choose a username” box and type a unique username.
  • Click below of “Choose a password box and type a password for your WordPress account.
  • Click the Save Settings button.
Create WordPress Account

6. After that you will see your recently created website with your selected name. So your web address will like

Now you can post and publish any content on this website.