How to Make an Email Signature in Gmail

Gmail signature is very important for your company mail. In this lesson you can easily know how to make an email signature in Gmail. If you add your signature with your gmail mail then your email look more professional. Gmail allows you to quickly add your signatures to every email you send. You can add with your Gmail signature links, images, company logo and text. Know step by step how to add Gmail signature.

1. Login to Gmail. Login Google account using your Google email address and password.

2. Gmail mail inbox. You see Google mail inbox with incoming mail. Click settings icon and click Setting button. This button you see up-right corner of your Google mail inbox.

Gmail Signature

3. You see Gmail settings page. Scroll down, after that you see Signature text with blank box.

  • Click Signature blank box and type your signature as you want to send with your Gmail mail.
  • I have type into signature box “Your best regards”. You don’t type this. You type your own Gmail mail signature as you want.
How to Make an Email Signature in Gmail

4. Save Gmail mail signature. Scroll down again then you see Save Changes and Cancel button. Click Save Changes to save these settings.

How to Create a Signature in Gmail

All work is complete. In this way you make an email signature in Gmail. After that when you send a mail then your recently added signature send with your Gmail mail.