How to remove blogger search box on blogspot

Remove search box from blogger. You can add search box on your blogger. Blogger search box helps to find out information from your blog. But you can remove search box from blogger if you want. Learn how to remove blogspot search bar. Follow few steps and delete search bar from blogger.

1. Login your blogger account and open your blogger dashboard.

2. Click left sight Layout text from blogger dashboard page.

Click Edit text from search box gadget.

Remove search box from blogger

3. A new page will open with your blog search box information.

Scroll down then you see few buttons. Click Remove button to delete your blogger search box from your blog.

4. You will see “Are you sure you want to remove this page element from your page?” massage with OK and Cancel button. Click OK button to remove blogger search box.

5. After that you don’t see your recent removed search box on your blog.