How to Remove Your Face Spots in Photoshop

Maximum people have spot on his/her face. You will not like spots on your face after take a photo. You can remove your image spots using Photoshop. Learn easy way to remove face spots in Photoshop.

1. Open your Photoshop software, if you already install it on your computer. Or you need to install Photoshop software.

2. Click File menu and click Open from sub-menu. Choose an image from dialog box and press Open button to open it your Photoshop.

3. Click Healing Brush Tool from toolbar to select it.

  • Press and hold down Alt button from keyboard. Click up to your image face where no spot.
  • Click up to skin where spot to remove it. You can increase your brush size using (press [ button for large or press ] button for small) button from your keyboard.

Click again and again to remove spot from your image.